About Us


  • To foster and promote scientific attitude and aptitude in students, thereby reinforcing the scientific foundation of the society.
  • To popularize science through science communication.
  • To fulfill society's needs in science and technology through disseminating scientific expertise.

Vision: Mould a Generation with Scientific Vigor and Temperament by imparting Scientific Knowledge to Society.

The Centre for Science in Society originated in such a brainstorming of astounding thoughts. The 77th annual session of Indian Science Congress (ISC) was conducted at the Cochin University of Science and Technology from 1st to 7th January 1990. The theme of the Congress was “Science in Society”. It was decided to formulate a Science Centre to disseminate this concept and to name it Centre for Science in Society, 'C-SiS' in short. The Centre was established in 1991 as an off-shoot of Cochin University of Science and Technology. The Centre, established in 1991 for making science learning enjoyable, was the vision of those great scholars. 31 years since then, The Centre for Science in Society (C-SiS) has made its mark by contributing innumerable contemporary exemplars in Science learning to the Kerala Education System. The Centre is unique in its principles and stands apart as one of a kind, not only in the State, but perhaps, in the Country too.