Physics Lab

C-SIS is the finest study centre for Primary-High School Physical Science Education in Kerala, perhaps even in the Country itself. The Physical Science learning facilities at the Centre has a prominent role in raising the Centre to international standards. Through the learning materials at the Centre, children learn themselves that Physical Science theories are an active part of their day-to-day life. There are many prominent geniuses who have dedicated their youth as well as life for the progress of Physical Science. The modern Science developments are the result of the days they have dedicated. The children who visit C-SiS realise that the developments of Science are not random occurrences, but the results of consistent dedicated efforts put in by a lot of individuals. By experiencing the science truths, the children at C-SiS are exposed to a novel, self-esteem-centered learning experience. The Physics lab equipped in the Centre help us to experience that the physical science learnt daily has many more innovative perceptions. The presence of well-trained instructors in the Physics Lab enable the children to utilize the advanced facilities provided therein. The Centre for Science in Society has put forth Country’s highest quality learning facilities, which are not provided even in the best schools in India. The gradual evolution of children’s knowledge from Physics to Metaphysics is what is aimed at the Centre. The Centre reminds the children the significance of learning Theoretical Physics in traditional science education. The objective of the Physics lab in the Centre is to modestly remind that the country seeks eminent Scientists as much as Technology experts.

Chemistry Lab

The scarcity of basic facilities is the limitation encountered by the chemical sciences education in the State. Chemical Sciences Education is beyond the reach of the students, studying even in the most elite schools due to the dearth of expensive chemicals. The educational institutions are generally reluctant to permit students to perform chemical experiments for raising their Science quest and academic standards, which require regular consumption of expensive chemicals and consumables. In this scenario, the Centre for Science in Society steps in to assist the students. The Centre facilitates the students to conduct experiments related to their school syllabus in the specially equipped laboratories and to discover themselves the mysteries behind those chemical reactions.

Maths Lab

Mathematics is the sum total of Science Education. The legacy of Indian Mathematics Education is widespread from Sangama Grama Madhavan to Ramanujan. The Kerala Government has selected the Centre for Science in Society as the Central institution for research in Kerala School of Mathematics. The enjoyable recreation of classroom mathematics, which has become a nightmare for the school students is executed by the Centre for Science in Society. C-SiS aims in identifying extraordinary talents in Mathematics through prestigious State Level Scholarship programmes. The supremacy of the Centre for Science in Society in Mathematics is established by the fact that it is leading the project ‘Legacy of Kerala Mathematics’ formulated by the Kerala Government for the development of Mathematics education. Through exploration and research throughout the country and overseas, the finest quality study materials existing in Mathematics learning are arranged in the C-SiS Maths Lab.

Biology Lab

‘Learning by doing’ is the best way to inculcate any idea in our minds. Science classes should be freed from hours-long lecture series, for the students to acquire proper science awareness. The students grasp science comprehension by conducting science experiments. Testing their own blood for blood group determination and viewing their own RBC, WBC and platelets through a microscope increases their curiosity in understanding Science. Experimenting and observing to see the micro parts of plants like Stomata makes them Science enthusiasts. The magic by which the Lactobacillus bacteria turns milk into curd, the hibernating yeast cells being activated by sugar solution and conducting fermentation in a kitchen entices the children. Viewing their own tissue cells from skin as well as from inside their cheek astonishes the children and enthuses them to learn more about their own body.

The wonder behind storing dead tissue intact in Formalin is a very interesting Science fact. Several experiments that lead the children to learning Life science in the right way awaits the kids here. The freedom of science from textbooks and reviving in Science laboratories can be achieved by these efforts.


STEM Lab focuses on developing higher-order thinking skills by connecting classroom learning to the real world. It is on the realization that students’ future will be built on capacity for innovation, invention, and creative problem solving. The basic idea behind setting up this lab is to provide students with the necessary tools to implement hands on project‐based learning of key STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts. It is an integrated approach that underscores the interrelationship of STEM which emphasizes student exploration and problem-solving skills as opposed to rote learning. The STEM lab is a place where inquiry-based group projects with hands-on learning occur which enables secondary grades to apply their skills and knowledge in meaningful real-life related contexts. It also reinforces engagement with technological and societal changes while empowering students to become responsible individuals who adopt sustainable development in their locality and, by extension, the global context.

Astro Lab

The lab introduces the sky to the students and common public, with its innumerable celestial objects and their movement and thus to create an awareness about astronomy. The lab also integrates astronomy education with physical, mathematical and weather science and helps eradicate superstitions associated with celestial bodies and phenomena.

Media Lab

The mission of the Media Lab is to explore, discover and comprehend the new digital technologies. The lab also intends to give hands-on experience to create media contents to the students.