This is a facility created to attract children to science through interesting play models in which scientific principles are well involved. The children enjoy playing with these gadgets arranged in an open-air facility where the interaction is much more effective than that in the pavilion. In fact, the pavilion and the science park are complementary. In the pavilion, the interaction is with laboratory experiments while in the science park,that is with playing models. From the summer programmes we have conducted, it is observed that the children enjoy both these with great enthusiasm.

Exposed parts of an automobile
Archimedes screw water pump

Items in the science park and brief description.

1. Musical pipes The length of pipe determine the tone
2. Cone Virtual motion against gravity
3. Pulleys Three types, fixed, movable and hybrid
4. Geodesic The shortest path need not be the quickest path
5. Resonance Swing Transfer of energy between the resonators
6. Automobile Exposed model: clutch, gears, steering, brakes,differential etc.
7. Vertical circle Minimum speed to complete a vertical circle
8. Work gear Great mechanical advantage
9. Perception of vision What you see need not be real.
10. Project-Water jet All about projectiles maximum range
11. Hydro electric power Station model A mini power station
12. Archimedes screw Water pump The first water pump
13. Ionosphere and satellites Modern communication revolution
14. Satellite TV Working model of Antenna
15. Incinerator Waste disposal
16. Wave motion model Basic properties
17. Solar cells- pump Conversion of solar energy to mechanical energy
18. Solar cells -light Automatic switch on at night, off on sunrise
19. Solar Cells Inverter For providing AC to TV
20. Lissajou's figure Combination of two simple harmonic motion at right angles
21. Periscope Seeing the higher objects
22. Statue speaks Sound Propagation
23. Voice transfer Through pipes
24. Velocity of sound Demonstration using a long pipe
25. Mobius Surface A surface which has got only one side
26. Levers First order levers
27. Blind in cage Persistence of vision
28. World time Find time at the other part of the globe
29. Centrifugal chair To demonstrate effect of circular motion on a body
30 .Projectiles Projected ball
31. Newton's third law Action and reaction are direct and opposite
32. Friction How it affects
33. Rotating chair Demonstrations of moment of inertia
34. Mass and inertia Wheels of different masses
35. Rain gauge Actual working
36. Newton's colour disc Integration of colours to form white colour
37. Paraboloid Focusing of incident energy
38. Inclined plane ramp Principle of ramp
39. Swing trio Galileo's original discovery retold
40. Know your weight Lever of the first order
41. Camera model See the inverted image
42. Center of gravity Birds model
43. Model of DNA Watson-Crick model of the Deoxyribonucleic Acid
44. 3 Dimensional pendulum Perception of vision
45. Solar spectrum
Differentiation of white light

The demonstration for velocity of sound

A mini hydro electric project