Utilizing the facilities enumerated, C-SiS conducts various programmes for school children to excite them with science and its marvelous potential. A brief outline of these programmes is given below

One Day Attachment
Programme (ODAP)

An extended visit programme for batches of students from a school which reserve the facilities sufficiently in advance. A maximum of 100 students from one or two adjacent standards be brought by teachers
Condensed One Day Attachment Programme(CODAP)
This is a short-form of the visit programme for schools which get only shorter time due to lack of own transport facility.

Child Scientists' Forum(CSF)

This is a programme for which children directly seek admissions to C-SiS.The programme is conducted on one Saturday every moth, for one full year Children get more time for interaction with the gadgets and library. In addition, there will be Seminars and Personality development programmes. A mini project also has to be executed by the child.

The Science Talent Development Programme(STDP)

This is an intensive programme meant for children with special aptitude for science. The programme starts on first week of April and will continue for 7 weeks till the end of May. The facilities of C-SiS will be extensively used by the children. In addition there will be other features like,

2.Quiz programs
3.Visits to research laboratories,    University departments, radio and TV    stations, industries etc.
4.Classes/Lectures by famous    scientists and professors.
5.Story telling session.
   (Stories of inventions, Life sketches    of Scientists,History of Science etc.)
6.Personality development sessions
7.Problem solving sessions etc.

Lab support programme

This programme is to help the school children to do basic experiments in science which they study in schools. The school must book the labs in advance and the science teachers may bring the children in their classes to have a laboratory session in C-SiS. All experiments as prescribed by the teachers could be given to the children.

All the above programmes are offered on a cost-share basis. Advance payment will be required for booking the programme. The rates may be had from C-SiS office