Children's Science Park
Play model and gadgets displayed in open air. "Learn while you play" is the philosophy of the science park. About 85 gadgets are on display and are available to children with closer interaction.

The periscope in the children's science park

Children's Science Library

This library has a rare collection of about 7000 popular science books and science journals, 200 CD's, Scientific American's Amateur Scientist projects of the last 78 years, National geographic magazines , all 75 years issues etc.
Science,Technology, Industry and environment Pavilion (STIP)

In STIP, the visitors are welcome to interact with the exhibits so that the scientific principles involved are made clear to them. Almost all basic scientific experiments for school children are arranged in the pavilion so that the children can actually do the experiments leisurely.
Mini Workshop
To give exposure to the world of tools and to induce a "Screwdriver culture" to the children.
Computer lab
The computer lab has modern facilities like e-mail, internet and multimedia.

"See and Believe" laboratories

These include Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths labs. Here children are encouraged to do science experiments themselves. A wonderful experience for young children to get excited by science.

<< Biological models

Toy Lab
A collection of rare toys which are based on important scientific principles. The children are made to think about those scientists and their theories while they play with these toys.
Wall charts and maps

These include,

1. History of Mathematics
2. History of Physics
3. History of Chemistry
4. Portraits/Figures of great Scientists
Working principles of important instruments
6. Astronomical maps...The universe, milky way,solar system etc.
7. Great concepts/discoveries, structure of atom, atmospheric structure, the ozone layer, the ocean etc.

The Science classes and seminars are conducted using advanced equipments. The Centre has the following facilities.

1. Over head projector
2. Slide projector
3. Large screen colour TV
4. Video Cassette recorder
5. Compact Disc Player (CD player)
6. Digital Video Disc player (DVD player)
7. LCD projector
The other facilities in the Centre are,

A Multimedia Computer System:
This is being used to instruct children about the use of computer in information dissemination . A number of Compact Discs of Encyclopedia and other books are also available.

A mini-workshop:
This facility is for hobby works and project execution. This is being used to train children to use essential tools. Those who have an inclination for mechanical, electronic/electrical experiments will definitely like to participate in the workshop training programmes.