The activities of the C-SiS include,

 1. One Day Attachment Programme (ODAP)

This is the most important activity of the C-SiS. An extended visit programme for batches of students from a school which reserve the facilities sufficiently in advance. A maximum of 100 students from one or two adjacent standards be brought by teachers.

 2. Child Scientists' Forum(CSF)

 The C-SiS is inviting young children studying in 1st to 9th standards to participate in the Child Scientists’ Form (CSF). This is a twice in-a-month programme for children to acquaint with various science principles and experimental set-ups. Children with special aptitude for science may register of this programme at this Centre for participation. The children will have a full day program in the C-SiS from 10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. on two Saturdays, every month from first week of June to November every year. There will be a combination of three or more programmes every day. The children will have a wonderful time during these sessions.
The activities of the CSF are,

1. Lecture Cum Demonstration on a topic in a frontier area in Science.
2. “See and Believe” Laboratory Experiment Sessions: Where children can do basic experiments in Science and experience the thrill of it.
3. A visit to Science pavilion: Where the participants can interact with various gadgets and models arranged.
Visiting Children’s Science Park: The outdoor facility where the children can play and learn many scientific principles through play models and gadgets displayed.
5. Utilizing Children’s Science Library: The participants can take memberships in the library to access many rare and well-illustrated science books and journals specially designed for children.
6. Interaction with the multimedia Computer facility: For learning and internet exposure.
7. The mini workshop facility: For handy-boys and girls.
8. The toy lab: A large collection of Science based toys and play models for younger children.
9. The Maths lab: With models and gadgets to understand elementary mathematical lessons.
10. Question & Answer sessions.
11. Problem solving sessions.
12. Quiz programmes.
13. Seminars.
14. Mock interviews & personality development programmers, personal contact sessions etc.
15. Behavior lessons sessions.

      The Child Scientists Forum is being conducted twice in a month from June to November. The students will be given experiments mainly from the lessons they study in their schools. For Physics, Chemistry and Biology there are separate laboratory sessions.
Registration for Child Scientists Form may be made with a payment of Cost-Share of Rs. 100/- at the office of C-SiS. A monthly membership fee for the Children’s Science Library (180/-) and caution deposit (refundable) of Rs.1200/- are to be paid for books to be borrowed from the library.

 3. STDP -- Science Talent Development Programme for school children.

An Intensive and interesting 7 weeks course for School Children Studying in standards 4 to 10. The Unique course will be utilizing the rare facilities developed in C-SiS. These include

1. Science Park 2. Science pavilion 3. ”See and believe" labs
4. Mini workshop 5. Computer lab 6. Children's science library
7. Maths lab 8. Toy lab

Science Classes:
With demonstrations by eminent teachers and scientists through laboratory practicals (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

Science park:
"Learn while you play".The science park attract children to science through interesting play models in which scientific principles are well involved. The children enjoy playing with these gadgets arranged in an open-air facility.

Other activities:
Demonstrations of science gadgets; visits to science pavilion, science library, computer lab; conducting quiz programs, seminars; personality development behavioral lessons; capacity enhancement activities; interactions with models and science based toys; meetings with important personalities, teachers and Scientists; visits to research laboratories and places of interest; project work on history of Science; telling life stories of scientists, inventions, discoveries etc.
The participating children are exposed to the lives and attainments of great scientists and inventors through actual demonstrations and vivid descriptions of stories behind such discoveries.

 4. LSTP - Learning Science Through Toys and Play models:

The young kids will have a wonderful time in the Science park, Toy Laboratory and Maths Lab. They also will enjoy the Computer animation and Science fictions through Video CD’s and TV programs. “Learn while you play “ will be the philosophy of this new programme of C-SiS. The course will make use of the facilities like science park, maths lab, toy lab, mini work shop Children’s science Library etc. The various activities of the course are: Story telling sessions (stories of great scientists inventors , discoveries ) working with Science and Knowledge based Toys and gadgets, interaction with mathematical models , quiz programmes, discussions etc.

5. Condensed One Day Attachment Programme (CODAP),
6. Lab support programme  (See the programmes link for details)